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Safety is our number one priority

We strive for a Zero Injury Environment

At Art & Son Construction Inc. we believe that a project meets all our criteria of success if it surpasses the standards of customer satisfaction, requires few change orders which may have resulted out of unforeseen issues prior to the time of bidding, and meets the forecasted percentage of profit. But more importantly, we gauge a successful project on safety criteria – where none of our employees were hurt, all OSHA regulations were met, and the safety results were stellar. Safety is our number one priority at Art & Son Construction Inc. No matter how much we may focus on achieving our time-schedules and stress on being reliable and productive, safety is one parameter we will never compromise on. Our main objective is to make ours a zero injury work environment, where effective safety management isn’t just something we strive for, but include along every step of the way.

On-site Safety Audits & Inspections

At Art & Son Construction Inc., we also conduct on-site safety audits and inspections such as walk-arounds, to ensure that everything is proceeding according to plan and as per our predefined safety parameters. W e identify areas that may be hazardous in nature and note down and amend any specific safety concerns that may be identified.

Adequate Safety Equipment

Our personnel are an asset for us at Art & Son Construction Inc. To safeguard our valuable assets, we issue all personnel adequate safety equipment such as hard hat, company safety orange long sleeve, gloves, vest, glasses, harnesses etc. and ensure that they use it to prevent the risk of accidents or falls.

Equal Participation in Safety Standards

We strongly believe that with a little extra effort and focus on appropriate safety standards, all accidents and hazards can be prevented and our personnel can be safeguarded. We encourage safe behavior and stress on employees from every component of our business to participate equally in maintaining adequate safety parameters.

Weekly Safety Assessments

Every week, we assess each and every project to check that it is meeting the safety norms and that all work is proceeding as per the safety standards charted out for it.

Safety Orientation for Employees

Before every new employee joins our team, they are initiated into a safety orientation program to find out our parameters for safety.

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