Art & Son Construction, Inc. is a family-owned and operated concrete construction company that specializes in structural concrete in the Los Angeles area.

Specialize In Concrete Structures

Art & Son Construction, Inc. are the experts in all kinds of structural concrete structures, including office buildings, parking structures, hill-side residences, multi-level mixed use, apartment buildings as well as commercial buildings. We are primarily involved in the construction of foundations, concrete columns, concrete and shotcrete walls, suspended structural slabs, slabs on grade, concrete stairs and CMU concrete block walls.

Liaison With General Contractors

We operate in the private work sector, mainly creating a liaison with general contractors who operate in a field where there is a dearth of experienced concrete contractors who are capable of competing with professionalism, standout work, and attention to detail.

We offer value as a skilled, qualified, and experienced concrete contracting company that is competitive by reducing total bid amount and offering the surety of a finished product that is OSHA compliant, cost-effective, accident-free, and budget-friendly.

Faster, More Reliable, On-Time Service

Art & Son Construction, Inc. has a team mentality and can tackle a wide variety of projects that individual general contractors cannot handle well. Our concrete construction company can deliver higher quality of work at the same or faster pace. With us, you receive the perfect balance. Our total bidding amount for every project we undertake is lower than some of the top concrete contractors in the area, and higher than other companies that aren’t focused on offering customer-centric solutions as we do every time.

High Quality Finished Products

Art & Son Construction, Inc. takes every new project seriously, no matter how big or small, and is focused on performing with high-quality personnel to offer a finished product that uses material which are high in quality, a time frame that exceeds the expectations, and time schedules of our general contractors and owners.

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